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14-06-04Gordon Griffiths served in the 12th Devonshire Airborne Regiment D Company 22 Platoon, and was Stationed at Bulford Camp on Salisbury Plain.

He landed in Normandy on D-Day+1. and stayed there for Three Months, from there the Company rushed to the Battle of the Bulge in Ardennes where they were on duty for approximately One Month, moving on to Holland for another Month, and then returning to their Base Camp.

The next Operation was flying into Hamminkeln, Germany.

They went over the River Rhine whey they were in combat until the end of the War in Europe.

Staying on there until he was Demobbed in July 1947.

Kept in touch with his Pals for a while after the War and gradually lost contact.

He would now like to renew that Friendship and would appreciate any help given.

If you know Gordon, or know of anyone who was Stationed in the same Company, He would dearly loved to be in contact again.

It would mean so much to both Gordon and his Family.

Please mail to johoulding@hotmail.com (Grand Daughter)


ALAN FIRTH is trying to trace his Father. CAN YOU HELP?

Thank you for your reply, details of my Father follow.

They were ascertained from my birth Mother, who I did successfully trace, but are rather sketchy. I do feel that she is holding something back, but as you will no doubt understand I did not wish to press her further on this delicate matter.

NAME--Jim Raspberry (or perhaps Raspbeary)

AGE----Around 22--26

BRANCH OF U.S FORCES--Army (she said he wore a khaki uniform.

LOCATION--Somerset in the Taunton area.

TIME FRAME--around August 1943.

He may of course have been killed in the 'D-Day' landings, and perhaps war graves records are a further area of exploration.

Kind Regards

Alan Firth




My father was in the RAF during WW2, and was an entertainer as well as doing his part in the war effort and with others put on some Shows for the men and woman of the armed services. He is 92 years old, and I wished that I had thought of putting his name on the internet years ago to see if there were anyone out there that might recognise his name Alec Lawlor, Sergeant Royal Air Force from 1940 to 1945 and stationed in Birmingham, and in Suffolk as well as in France and Holland at the end of the war.

Should you know him, or even have heard about him through Relatives/Friends, I would be very pleased to hear from you. 
All the very best.......Dave Lawlor, Arizona, USA




Keith/Sue Lancaster [lancasters@pl34lp.freeserve.co.uk]

My father Raymond G. Lancaster is keen to track down the whereabouts and any information on a man he shared a cave with whilst they were both escaped prisoners of war. My father had escaped from an Italian prison camp and had met whilst on the run a Henry Wilson Rice a 24 year old South Carolinian, after more than 50 years I am afraid my father cannot remember Mr Wilson's army outfit, but thinks it was a recce unit, or perhaps Big Red One. Having endured a tough time hiding out in the cave they decided to make a break for it. My father went south, Henry north, this was in late December 1944 near a place called Arieli, or Arielle. My father is from Abertridwr South Wales and had been a miner prior to World War Two, he was a trooper in the Royal Dragoons, and was captured in North Africa. I am afraid that's about all the information I have. Perhaps you could ask around or have some suggestions as to how I could progress my search. Many thanks for your time. Keith Lancaster

Please mail any information to: Keith/Sue Lancaster [lancasters@pl34lp.freeserve.co.uk]


Malcolm Dodd. ( Malcolm's Letter)

My natural father Edward Neiger 1913 - 1989 was a WWII vet.
Because I was secretly adopted and did not know of this until after the
death of my mother, step-father and natural father I am in the dark
concerning my natural fathers military service.

My dad sold houses in California for Sears Roebuck from 1946 to 1980. He must have sold homes to lots of WWII vets and I am sure they would have swapped yarns.
The National Personnel Records Centre burnt down in 1973. So I have little information on his war service. I do have his photo in uniform.
Edward NEIGER Served in Army 1942 - 1945, paper records damaged in 1973 fire.
Birth Date: 15 Jul 1913 Overseas Service Location Unknown (Final Pay Voucher Only)
Death Date: 26 Apr 1989 Rank Technician 4th Grade; 7 Jan
Enlisted or Inducted at Mpls, Minn
Subject: Edward Neiger
Edward D. Neiger, Army of the United States, 17037493, T/4, Voucher No. 8114
912 ½ S. Renmore Ave, Los Angeles, Calif, Enlisted or Inducted at Mpls, Minn
Discharged on 31 Oct 45 at Separation Center #33, 1610 SCU, Camp McCoy,
Wisconsin, Arrived US 24 Oct 45, Number of years of service 3, Previous
organization 107th BN Cp, Miles Stan, Mass

If you can help or have any information at all, please E-Mail me at..


Malcolm has now found all the details he required.








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