Veronica McKenzie

I was born in St Helens Lancashire, and my Parents named me Veronica Molyneux, and went to school and grew up in the area.

I met Tom at the Burtonwood AFB, where he was stationed, and we started going out together, and when he proposed to me I was over the moon.

We got married in 1950, and I was now Mrs Veronica McKenzie, I had to keep saying it a few times as it seemed to have a nice ring to it.

We left the UK in 1952 and went to Elgin AFB, Florida.

 Tom left the Service in 1953, and we later that year moved to Maryland to be nearer Tom’s Family.

We were blessed with four lovely children, our Son and three Daughters.

Sadly after twenty-four sweet wonderful years Tom passed away on June 12th 1974, having suffered from cancer. (our Son’s twenty first Birthday). The Girls were then aged 18, 10, and 6, respectively.

Someone must have been watching over me, because I later met another wonderful man, Tony Kowalewski, he was kind and got on famously with the children.

Things went along so good that we married in 1978, and Tony had no problems with my keeping the name McKenzie.

Now I have Children, Grandchildren and a Great Granddaughter, Tony just loves them all as if they were his own.

We often go back to England though not altogether now as the Family has grown to seventeen of us.

We look forward to hearing from anyone who may know us,

my e-mail address is; 

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