Silvia and Jim Foster


Sylvia and Jim Foster

Sylvia D. Foster. (nee Smith.)

I was born in High Wycombe, but lived in the Hazlemere, Penn area, just a few miles away. Born in 1941, to Gwen and Fred Smith, they named me Sylvia Doreen Smith.
Most people called me Sue, all Family and friends called me Sue.
I attended the Tylers Green School and then finished at Hatters Lane Secondary Modern School, leaving aged 15 years.

I met Jim Foster who was stationed at the American Air Force base in High Wycombe, and we later got married on the 26th May 1962, in the same year we went to America, for Jim it was going home, but for me a whole new experience.
We traveled far and wide with the United States Air Force

We have one Son James, who was born on March 6th 1963, and is now teaching in High School, North Carolina, USA. Jim retired from the Air Force in 1980, and will retire from his second career this April 26th. I retired last year from working in retail at a big department store where I had been for 18 years.

We are living in North Carolina USA, and expect to be here for the rest of our lives. And we are celebrating 40 years of marriage on 26th May this year, which will be our Ruby Wedding Anniversary. 

We would be pleased to hear from anyone who knows us.

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