Radio Interview Regarding Allies in War

Date April 2nd 2003

Well what I thought at first was an April Fool's day joke turned out to be the real thing.

This morning BBC Three Counties Radio Presenter Toby Friedner got in touch during his morning show and asked about 'Allies in War'.

How it started and what was the thinking behind the site, as I was explaining he had the website up in front of him, and was going through various pages.

He also asked what the criteria was for getting different awards that the web site has been given .

I explained, (mind you I was a bit nervous to start with,) but the Gentleman made me feel so at ease with the professional way he conducted the interview that the feeling soon passed.

All I can say Toby is, Thank You Sir very much for asking me on your show, and for the very kind words you had to say about 'Allies in War' and how the site could be of interest to many people.

Sincere Thanks,

Syd Dean.

A further interview took place on the 3rd April with the Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire section of Three Counties Radio today.

This time the Presenter was Nick Lawrence, it seems they heard my Interview with their Sister Station, thought it was very good and wanted more of the same.

Anyway it went very well and my thanks go to them for inviting me to speak about the 'Allies in War' Web site.

First Contact April 1st 2003.

I was contacted today by BBC THREE COUNTIES RADIO with regard to being Interviewed on the above Station tomorrow.

At first bearing in mind the date today I thought that it was a wind up.

After contacting them on the telephone number they sent in their e-mail,

I soon realised that this was genuine, and they really did want to Interview me.

So Tomorrow 2nd April between 9-10 and 9-30 am.

I will be on 'Air' on BBC Three Counties Radio, (Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire)

The frequency is for the Milton Keynes Area is 104.5 FM and for others 'Bedfordshire' 95.5 'Hertfordshire' 103.8 also obtainable on 630 Medium Wave or AM.

syd dean.














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