Proud Relatives

Allies in War wish to honour all the proud Relatives of Service Men and Women whatever their Colour Creed or Religion or for which Country they Serve.

Based on extremely good idea from Dawn in Texas

Our oldest Grand Son has joined the service,and is waiting for a slot to go up to Fort Benning Georgia to the 101st air born unit later to be deployed over seas,and like all Grand Parents we are ever so proud of him as I'm sure every Grand Parent in the world are of their grand kids,and have their picture on the wall in their homes,what do you think of a page for all the Grand Parents to send in a picture of their grand sons and grand daughters serving in the armed forces, it doesn't matter what country they are from, they are all in the service away from their families.
Brothers Sisters Mums and Dads Uncles Aunts Grand Parents, anyone who has a family member in the services,can send their pictures with a few details.

Please email Pictures & Text to







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