Military Museums

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Canadian War Museum

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Cobbaton Combat Collection

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Durham Light Infantry Museum

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The Imperial War Museum at Duxford.

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The Imperial War Museum London

This is a Branch of the IWM at Duxford

The Imperial War Museum North

Another Branch ot the IWM at Duxford

Elgin Military Museum

I would like to honour all these heroic People who have the most traumatic situation to cope
with both in War Time and Peace Time.

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A most excellent Website full of interest about Fort Douglas and the Army, and they have
Exhibitions of WW2 amongst all their information.

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Fort Douglas Military Museum

This Historical Web Site is full of information with text and photographs of World War Two,
and is a must visit.. for anyone researching or looking for factual information.

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Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library and Museum

This is a must for all Naval enthusiasts whether or not involved in the Forces.

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National Museum of Naval Aviation

Here is an excellent Web Site all about Aviation, and detailed in Planes that flew there
during WW2 and the Bomber Units who were stationed there.

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Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum

Here you will find military history for North Louisiana for the last 150 years to the present.

"It contains a collection unique to this area, the museum chronicles our conflicts from the
Spanish American War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Dessert Storm, and today's war on terror"

North Louisiana Military Museum

I can remember my Father taking our Family to Hendon Airport before the War to see Arial
Displays, and I used to look forward to seeing the planes going through their paces and some
even carried out what I can only describe as Stunt Manoeuvres, including 'Wing Walking' My thanks to the Web Manager for this Link up.

Royal Air Force Museum

Here is a Web Site that is full of the Badges and Insignia of many Aviation units in World
War Two, and the credit for this excellent Web Site belongs to Tod Rathbone and my thanks to
him for the link up.

Rathbone Museum

A most excellent Website full of history and local knowledge

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Redoubt Fortress Museum

Here you will find good historical facts about the Light Infantry and other Regiment that
have come from Somerset.

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Somerset Military Museum

Here is the Army's very own Museum:

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The National Army Museum

The Military Museum on the Web, a very interesting and worthwhile Web Site, that has been
put together with a lot of thought, probably a labour of love.

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The Military Museum on The Web


For anyone interested in the War in the Pacific in World War II here is where you will find
a very extensive amount of information, plus various other sections.

This Museum is part of a vast building containing vehicles of war, from Land, Sea, and Air.

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The National Museum Of The Pacific War

A great Website to view the various Tanks used in Warfare.

"The Tank Museum in Bovingdon Dorset houses
the world's largest and finest collection
of Armoured Fighting Vehicles
from unique World War 1 tanks to the latest
main battle tank of the British Army - Challenger"

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This is a Web Site that is a dedicated history of American Women in the Military.

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U.S. Army Women's Museum

The War Eagles Air Museum is dedicated to collecting, restoring and displaying historic
aircraft of World War II, My Thanks go to Dan Taylor Web Advisor/Mechanic for the privilege
of this Link, must be interesting to any person involved with the Air Force.

War Eagles Air Museum















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