Margaret & Bob Manning

Born in 1938, my childhood was mostly spent around South Harrow, and I was the third child in the Family, my youngest Brother was born after myself.
This made four children, two Boys and Two Girls.

My childhood was spent around South Harrow, and we used to gather on the big roundabout at the junction of Eastcote Lane and Field End Road, as we grew older, this was a meeting place for each generation as they got towards their teens.

I left school from Eastcote Lane at 15 years of age, and managed to get employment in Fleet Street London, this was known through out the world as the main place in London, where the National Daily Papers had their offices and buildings.
Later I moved on to Stephens Street, in London, working there.

Living quite close to the American Air Base in South Ruislip we used to go there for the Saturday night dances, and it was here that I met Bob Manning.
We got married in 1960, and it was strange at first with people calling me Mrs Manning, but it was lovely.

We left England in 1961, when Bob was transferred to a Base in Rome, New York; every thing was so different to me a whole new experience. From there we were moved to Wilmington, North Carolina.
From here we came back to England and we were stationed at the RAF Lakenheath Depot, staying here for quite a while.
Then it was off again and this time to George Air Force Base, and Bob stayed here until his retirement after serving twenty years in the Air Force.

We now live in Victorville where we have been for almost thirty-one years, we have two children a Son and Daughter, and also we now have four Grandsons. 

We would love to hear from anyone who may know either of us,

It is with regret that we understand that Margaret is no longer

with us, she died after suffering a long illness.

Our deepest sympathy goes to her Family.

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