Hi, here is the story of how I met my husband:

I left England in 1984 after receiving a BA in German from London University. 
In 1987 I started work for the US Army as a medical translator in a US hospital,where my husband was assigned.

We met and started to see each other, But then he was sent back to the US.
We corresponded for a year, with visits back and forth to the US/Germany,and decided to move in together.
I moved to the US in 1989,and a year later,we were married. 
We have since lived in New York, California, Kansas, Alabama, Virginia, and Germany once more. 
I became a US citizen in 1996 and have worked as a civilian for the US Army ever since.
My husband has a 25 year old son from his first marriage, who came to live with us at the age of 14, went to West Point, and now serves the US Army as a helicopter pilot over in Iraq.
He hopes to return in April 2004.








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