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Joyce Paulos (nee Harding)

Married Henry PaulosBorn in the little village of Grendon Warwickshire, and went to school in Colchester. Moving later to Stoke-on-Trent, 

It was whilst working for an American Red Cross Centre, for which I had to get references from the local Police Department and a Church Minister, mainly because I felt that the American Servicemen stationed on the Base close to my home were suffering from home sickness.
At a dance I met a young Texan suffering from the effects of being away from home so long, just as anyone in the same position would do, well, as the story goes we met, we fell in love and married.

He returned to Texas in 1945, and I joined him a year later, leaving England on there 19th July 1946 traveling via Southampton, after four weeks there in a transit camp for war brides and their children, my Daughter and I traveled on the USA troop ship, President Zackery Taylor. I remember the upper decks were filled with US troops returning from England. Women and Children were on the third deck, a nursery was set up on the main deck for babies and Mothers rotated night duty to take care of them. 
It took eight days to get to New York, and for those of us whose Husbands lived further away, mainly Texas and California we had to travel by train, if their Husbands or one of his relatives were not at the quay side to meet them.
Back in those days, trains to Texas did not run every day,and we had to wait four days,
Luckily we escaped the outbreak of chicken pox which broke out the day after we left almost the few people who were still waiting to carry on their journey.
They were moved into a quarantine building, where they had to stay for the next four weeks, so I was told later. When we did get on the move we had to change trains in Chicago, where they kept us behind an enclosed section in the rail road station for three hours, before the train came to take us on the next part of the journey to Texas. I can't say I was ready for the Texas heat,very hot,when my Daughter and I finally arrived at Dallas on August 1st,
There my Husband was waiting to greet us and see his Daughter for the first time, as she was born after he had left England. The journey from New York had taken three days and I noticed as we got further South the warmer it got.
We lived in Dallas for a while, then we all went to Mexico, where my Husband had a hand in helping fight the foot and mouth disease,so this was another Country my Daughter and I lived in.
After the foot and mouth was under control, we moved back to Dallas,and after a couple of years settled in Garland Texas.
My Husband became a Captain in the Dallas Fire Department, a career he enjoyed until his death some years ago. We had three Sons and a Daughter, and they are very successful in their careers. I still live in the house we first brought when we came to Garland, and still enjoy a wide circle of both English and American friends. I have a part time job which I enjoy, as a tour guide in Old City Park in Dallas, where I meet people from many parts of the world. 
Dallas has grown along with Garland since I first came here, and as my children grew up,I was able to follow my interest in books, and worked in the Literary at East Field College until I retired. 
Now I knit and sew and enjoy my two Grandchildren, and now two Great Grandchildren. I cannot say things have always been easy since I have been in America,mind I knew it would probably be hard at times just the fact of being in a new country and getting used to different customs.
I was very impressed by the size of Texas and knew I would have to learn to drive if I wanted to get around.
I have come along way since those days back in Stoke-on-Trent, and remember the days when I used to ride around town on my bicycle.
I have been lucky enough to travel around the world and visit my family.I wish this site all the luck in the world and I hope I can add something more as time goes by.

Best Wishes to all
Joyce Harding. (Paulos)






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