In the beginning

Allies in War first started off with the name and the reason I chose that name was because my Friends and I used to use The Eastcote Arms which was on the corner of Eastcote Lane and Field End Road.

Around the late 40s and we got to know a lot of American Lads based in the Victoria Road base and they normally used one of three Pubs The Eastcote Arms, The Clay Pidgeon in Field End Road or The Dean Arms at South Ruislip.

One day we were talking to a group of the Americans in the Eastcote Arms and I asked him why a lot of his Buddies used to call the Girls, and there were many who would gather both inside and outside the Pub, either Babe or Sugar. his reply was that they had an unwritten rule, if you really liked the Girl you used her real name, otherwise it would be Babe or Sugar so that you did not annoy any Girl by giving her the wrong name.

So when myself and a friend Dawn Bernhardt who I got to know through the fact we both went to Eastcote Lane School and were signed up on Friends Reunited in its early days and run by a couple from their bedroom, we came up with the idea of a web site for English Girls who had married American Servicemen and then gone to live in the United States of America the same as Dawn had, I started to organize a website with the help of my Son Robert who is an

It was only when the Pop group with the same name was formed that I decided enough was enough when I started getting mail for the group, hence the name Allies in War was born. We were getting asked all sorts of questions about Service Men and Women from various Countries, such as 'Could you find out where my relation is, has his Unit got a website, all manner of things.

So I decided to expand the site rather than concentrate on English Girls and American Servicemen, and cover World Wars One and Two, adding anything I could about those events. I wrote to hundreds of Webmaster asking if I could put a link to their sites mainly because I decided that I would only make a link if I received permission first and I have stuck to that principal ever since.

We have come a very long way since the inauguration, I have got links to sites in many Countries and covering all aspects of service life. At present I have just revamped the site and given it a totally different look, we are continuously looking for new ideas and suggestions.

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