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Marilyn Wass searching for people who knew her Uncle

Bernard (Lucky) Coyne

Uncle, Bernard 'Lucky' Coyne was once stationed at Woodbridge UK. 

Lucky married my fathers half sister Sylvia Ann Whetton (Dad's Mum married twice) her date of birth was 15th April 1933 in Nottinghamshire UK, she died 20th May 1970 in Texas, Bexar State.

I went on 'Find a Grave' and discovered she is buried in Long Island National Cemetery, Suffolk County New York, I have the plot number.

When they left England the story is they went to Alaska, that could be right because Sylvia' social security number which I have found says issued 'AK 1966'.

They had 4 children 2 girls Katie and Terry, 2 boys Buddie and Peter, I can send photos of them. I also have a photo of Lucky and Sylvia taken on one of their wedding anniversaries 21st October. I know they were still in Alaska in 1967 when the photos were taken.
I also found from land registry records in San Antonio, Texas, their last address and the solicitor in San Antonio that dealt with the sale or transfer of property.
I have e mailed the solicitors firm to see if they can help but never had a reply.

The address was in 1970, Lot 12, block 26 Lackland Heights Subdivision, Unit 5, Bexar County,Tx.

There was also another address for Lucky it must have been after Sylvia died, it was, 447 Rasa, San Antonio, Tx 78227

If you know remember 'Lucky' or have any information that could help Marilyn please contact either myself or Marilyn direct []

This next section was taken from the 517th Parachute Website, I have tried to seek permission to copy it here but have not received any answer to my mail, so my sincere acknowledgements for publishing this piece without permission.If you own the 517th website and wish to contact me please

517th Parachute Regimental Combat Team

Recollections of WWII from the Men of the 517th

A four-man patrol of "C" Company -- Sergeant Jack Burns, Cpl. Wayne S. Jackson, PFC Bernard Coyne and PFC E.P. Johnson -- went on four missions in one night. On one, they lay just 50 yards from four Tiger Tanks and a company of infantry. The following day, which was Christmas, they conducted seven patrols. Finally, they found a narrow trail over which the remains of their Company made its way to safety. The one below is from the Rattler/Firebird Association anecdote page, only managed to find that but couldn’t actually get on the Association web page properly

You Made Staff Sergeant?

One time, on a Sondy trip, I remember that the navigator was Jerry "Headwind" Harris, and the FM was Sgt. Bernard Coyne. We'd had a particularly busy day, so the FM and LM invited the rest of us including Tom Sommerville, over to the Caribou (NCO) Club for a few beers. Lucky Coyne had a few more than the rest of us and at one time, was engaged in animated conversation with Jerry Harris at the bar. He found out that Harris was prior "enlisted" and had gone through OCS. Lucky looked him blearily in the face and said, "Harris, I can understand how you made Captain, but I'll be damned if I can figure out how you made Staff Sergeant!" (Story occurring circa 1967, courtesy of John Root, Firebird Pilot.)

Searching For my ww2 (muckers) Buddies

I was captured near Calais on 29th. May 1940, eventually landing up in "Stalag A" in Torun Poland. After some month's we were transferred to "Stalag B" near Marienburg West Prussia from where we were sent out on working parties all over Poland.

The last and most significant was at Rahmel-Sagorsch from where in January 1945 we set out on the so-called "death-march" across Poland and northern Germany which lasted sixteen weeks. We were freed by the advancing American troops! During the march we got split up, It was in the Rahmel camp that four of us became "muckers".The four were myself Dvr. P Guscott R.A.S.C. Pte. C. Pearce Hampshire Regt. Gdsman "Taffy" Wilkins Welsh Guards and Cpl. Frank Swann Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders.Until his death some years ago I kept in touch with "Taffy" but have no contact with the others.
I was flown home from Luneburg Heath on the 8th.May 1945.
The last known address i had for Charlie Pearce was No.10 King street, Emsworth, Hants. Although I have made two visits to Emsworth in recent years I was unable to locate him ,possibly he is deceased. Perhaps you will have more luck!! Many thanks!! Percy.

Looking For Past Mate

Richard Pfohl
There is not very much to go on, I am afraid.

Richard had a brother Frank who, I believe, was in the Medical
Corps (though I've not been able to trace that either).

Richard would now be about my age, ca 84. I do know that he was in the service, for my wife wrote me that he was a Lieutenant (as she encouraged me to try for OCS!), but I don't even know whether it was in the army or marines.

The other fact is that we all lived on the west side of Chicago.

The date of my wife's notation (from the neighborhood "Honor Roll") was ca November 1942).
I'll be most grateful for any help.

You can contact Bob with any information that may help at:

************************************************************************Do Do you remember My Father Stanislaw (Stan) Glowacki.

Hello, My Brother Martin and I are seeking any information about our Father.

Mum and dad lived in Cricklewood, North West London.What little we do know is that he was a Fighter Pilot during World War Two and stationed in or around Northallerton, North Yorkshire. He was killed in 1953 in a motorbike accident in Northallerton.Because our Parents lived in Cricklewood we have no idea why he was in Northallerton when he was killed, unless of course like many people do, he was visiting the areas where he had been stationed during the war.Unfortunately no photographs are availableWe had no idea that he was killed in Northallerton until just over a week ago.I know it isn't much but we are desperate to find out more about him.Best Regards
Steve Glowacki 


Can you help trace my Father or his Relatives

Please can you help find my partner's father. 
We have been informed that his father's full name was Bernard Burnell,
known as Bunny.
He was a Captain in the US Army in the Second World War and we know he was
originally from South Carolina.
He was in 166 Regiment, Salthouse, Jackfield and was based in Broseley, West
Midlands in 1945.
My partner was born in Lady Forrester Military Hospital in Moseley in
September 1945.
His details are shown on my partner's birth certificate, although he was not
married to my partner's mother at the time (his name though is different on
the birth certificate!).
We have been trying different web sites with no success, hope you can help.
Many thanks
Marilyn Tuffy and Michael Webb

You can contact Marilyn at:


Searching For Information on our Father.

Frank Webb, born in Coventry, England, only known ship was HMS KITE, on that subject the Mike Kemble web page is the best research tool, it would be great to find out where he signed on, where he trained, it was mentioned he came over to Canada for a while, any other ship he may have been on, was he wounded in action, in fact anything. photos etc. My father died in 88, he never did talk much about his time in WW11, It was not until his twin brother (Fred) saw an article in a magazine on HMS KITE, with an address to write to (Mr, Bray) for information, he replied to our letter with some great information. This satisfied our family for a while, a few years later I got my p/c, and with a lot of anticipation started my search. It was then I came across boy what a site, more information on KITE that I could ever dream of, any info you could help with in our search would be very helpful.

Please Mail to Robert Webb


Looking for Anyone Who Knows Us.

John and Inge Jordan, stationed in Upper Heyford from 1956 to July 1959, does anybody remember us.

Searching for FatherHere is a plea for an American Serviceman Arthur McGovern stationed in North Devon, England, in December 1944.He met and had a Child with Katherine Baglow, and he may not have even know a Baby was born.Now his Son Lewis Baglow would like to find him or his Relatives living in America.He can be contacted through his Friend Ian Davidson

Searching for Comrades
Here is a plea from Gordon Cox for anyone was in or had a relation in The Somerset Light Infantry, His letter is repeated here.

Also have a question which you might be able to assist with.
If there are any ex Somerset Light Infantry ( Jellallabad) soldiers within your scope of contacts I would like to hear from them, my father was a long service soldier with the regiment and we still have contact with some of the men he served with and taught.
I'm sure they would like to hear about their old comrades.
Thanks and best regards
Gordon Cox

TRACE is an Excellent place to Start searchingHere is a Great Website especially for those Folk trying to 'TRACE' Parents, Families & Friends of American Servicemen.This is a Voluntary Group of People who all have one thought in mind, being able to help Children find their past.My sincere thanks to John Munroe for allowing this Link up.TRACE. transatlantic Children's Enterprise

Searching for American Officers

Thank you for replying so promptly.
A friend of mine Johnny Brace, then aged 13, was friendly with three American officers during the period of 1942-43. "Mike, Pappy & Charles" were tremendously kind to John and his friend, "Mo", when they were stationed at Cheddington Air Base, which was featured in the book, "Squadron of Deception. 
USAAF 8th Airforce, 32nd Bomb Group: B24, B17 bombers.

This still remains one of the happiest times of his life. Can you let me know whether or not your website would be the appropriate one for finding these chaps, albeit all concerned are in the autumn of their life, and, if not, which one would be.
I do hope to hear from you

This Gentleman specialises in helping find People Voluntarily

My name is David Lawlor and my wife's name is Laura. I am a former Brit, that came to the USA as a young teen in 1949. Joined the US Air Force in 1953 and got back to England in 1954, met and married my wife Laura 'who is from Bristol' in 1955.

Retired from the Air Force in 1977. Have been a licensed Realtor in the

State of Arizona from 1977 to present. In my spare time I have been a People Searcher and in just over a 4 year period I have helped find 848 of the lost.

I visit all the different message boards on the internet and if I see a

posting that I think that I can help I get to work using relatively easy

sites in which to look up names of the people that the searcher(s) have lost.

It might be a family member, lost love, friends and adoptee's looking for

there birth parent (s).

I do not charge for my services, and am only to glad to be able to help

someone out there in cyberspace look for and hopefully find the lead or link

that will direct them to the one they seek.

I am also a member of a group in the USA you may have heard of the

'Britpack', these are British gals who married or followed there GI husband

they met in Great Britain during the 40s to the present and together they are

raising there families here in the USA. There are a few of us male

stereotype in the group that were born in the UK and now live in this


If I can be of help in any way to your group please let me know.

Sincerely Yours

Dave Lawlor/Arizona


Can You Help Please

Ralph Losso (or Loso) and Sam were two G.I.s in Paris, France, in 1944. They were housed at the Hotel Molay, 94 rue des Archives in Paris 3. They both came from New York. In Paris, they met two sisters: Rosette and Lydie Duc. In 1945, Lydie gave birth to a boy, she named him Gérard Samuel. Rosette is still alive, but she is gravely ill. Lydie died when she was thirty years old and it is only when he was approaching fifty that Gérard found out about Sam. Gérard doesn’t know Sam’s surname. He is now wondering whether he is still alive today and whether he could be traced or if anyone who has known him could contact him to tell him what he knows about Samuel or perhaps how he could get a picture of him. Gérard speaks English fluently...












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