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Born in Pennsylvania and the eldest of four Children I had three Brothers, Robert, Timothy,and John, who happened to be born on the same day and month as myself.

Growing up like all Children, we had lots of fun and of course there were the bad days but we never argued ?????Well all the learning and studying passed eventfully and I became an employed person.

It was not too long before I found myself going out with a very attractive Chap, and eventually we were married and have three lovely Children the eldest Robert known as Robbie, and Daughter Kimmie short for Kimberley and the youngest is Timothy named after my Brother, we call him ‘Timmy’

Because of Robert’s profession we have lived in North Carolina and Virginia.Then last year we moved into this lovely new house in Massachusetts.

My Father like most ex-service personnel very seldom talked about his experiences during
World War Two when he was alive, and it was not until Mum passed away that I found some of his things in their house and they had been there for the past fifty years.

Dad has been gone some twenty years now and I am just starting to acquire knowledge of how the war affected him and finding out he became a hero through letters and photos some of which you can imagine are a little bit worse for wear.It would seem from the reading he defended his ship even though suffering a wounded leg, and was commended and awarded the Bronze Medal.Now I have the bug now and cannot wait to learn more of his exploits,

I have some details of his activities and People who were with him during those years.My hope is that through these pages I may be able to get in touch with some of his old Buddies or their Relatives and try to understand what it meant to be serving in the Forces during those dark years.

Dad's Photo:

My father's information and some of the Units he served with:

S/Sgt. Clarence R. Wenskovitch Sr. USAAF # 13190253

Army Air Corp

8th Air Force

2nd Air Division

14th Combat Wing

491st Bomb Group

852nd Bomb Squadron

B-24 Liberator Crew #R27

Crew # R27 info

Robert E. Bruskotter, ST LT Nav., USAAF Service # 1320422

Thomas Cook 

Edward P. Manning, S/Sgt. E # 31383840

David B. Mautner Pilot

Jack Osborne 2ND LT Co Pilot # 837520

Rozin W. Stoneman

Harry M. Thurn S/Sgt. 612 # 12238953

James M. Todd S/Sgt. 612 # 13139993

Hilton L. Stracener

Clarence R. Wenskovitch S/Sgt. gunner # 13190253
I was both surprised and thrilled at the same time on finding out that My Father had received the Bronze Medal for Bravery which information I found on paper that had not weathered the years very well.

I found this photo of his plane in flight the 852nd Bomb Squadron taken on July 25th 1944


There was also this wonderful signed photograph of Bomber Crew BG 852nd BS Crew R-27 and their Plane TUBARAO, Please take a look maybe you know someone who is in the photo.

I also found information that the first B-24 Liberator Dad was on was shot down over Germany and he managed to return to England where he was stationed via the Belgian Underground Movement, and I would certainly like to find more information about this.

If you can help in anyway I would appreciate any information you may have.

My Father's Unit was based at North Pickenham, Norfolk, England.

As a Reminder here again are his details as I know them:

S/Sgt. Clarence R. Wenskovitch Sr.

8th Air Force

2nd Air Division

491st Bomb Group

852nd Bomb Squadron

If there is anyone who might have known him or maybe you had a Relation who was in the same Units that Dad served in I would be very pleased if you would contact me.

These memories mean so much to myself and Family.

I can be contacted at the following email address:
























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